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MnG - Tazim, Raphael by XxxVisual-HatterxxX MnG - Tazim, Raphael by XxxVisual-HatterxxX

Name: Tazim, Raphael
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155 lbs
Year: Senior
Level: Expert

Spicy/hot foods
Warm weather
Physically demanding activities
High heights
Making jokes

Staying still
People who push away others
Cloudy weather
Being confined

Easy-going: Despite the tragedy of losing his mother, Raphael is usually quite easy-going. He tries not to let anything bother him. Unfortunately, this also means that he tends to brush his problems aside, making him an escapist and a procrastinator.
Passionate/Energetic: Raphael is very passionate about the things he love. If he cares for something or someone, he does it with all his heart. If someone talks to him about something he loves, he will ramble and it is difficult to get him to shut up. He can also be very energetic, and will often over-exert himself. His high levels of energy also lead him to lose a lot of sleep, and he often spends most of his nights awake.
Independent: Raphael's love of birds come from his love of freedom. He is the happiest when he is free to do as he wishes. His independence makes him both strong and reckless, as he often does things without thinking about the consequences of his actions.
Comedic: Raphael loves to joke around and laugh. He isn't afraid to laugh at himself either, and will often make fun of himself to cheer up others. To him, laughter is a gift because people tend to forget all their hardships while they are laughing.
Friendly: Raphael likes to make friends and tries to get along with most people. It's very hard for him to hate someone because in his mind, hating someone takes up as much energy as loving someone does.
Lost: Much like his Romani ancestors, Raphael is a wanderer. He seeks an internal balance that has eluded him since the death of his mother. There is an emptiness deep within him that he has yet to find the cure for. He tends to push away the feelings of loss with art or exercise.

Raphael was born in Romania to a Romani mother and a Turkish father. As a child, he was always full of energy and seemed to always be causing trouble. As a means of dealing with his restlessness, his parents enrolled him in a swimming class. In addition to swimming, Raphael's mother instilled in him a love of art, and encouraged him to paint and draw to express himself. Raphael loved his mother for she always gave off a sense of warmth. Raphael enjoyed swimming and continued to swim as he got older. Tragedy struck at age 12 when his mother was hit by a car on her way home from work. Overcome by grief, Raphael's father neglected Raphael, no longer able to look at him for he resembled his mother strongly. His father soon sent him off to live with his uncle, whom lived in Japan with his japanese wife. His relationship with his uncle was strained as they had never met before. Raphael became a troubled teen, who soon acquainted himself with underground artists. He began to do graffiti art and parkour as a way to vent his emotions. Raphael and his friends would often graffiti private property and often had to run away from cops. One instance, Raphael was running away from two cops when he ran into Syn. Syn hid them both, preventing Raphael from getting arrested. The two became good friends. Eventually, Raphael was caught, and given the choice to either spend time in a juvenile detention center, or participate in a recreational sport. Swimming was one of the options and because he had enjoyed it as a child, Raphael chose that. Raphael enjoyed the swimming so much that he continued it even after his sentence was carried out, and as an result, he got in less trouble. His relationship with his uncle and aunt also improved and they encouraged him to enroll in a swimming academy nearby. Raphael agreed to enroll into the academy.

Additional Info:
Raph tends to wear a lot of jewellery and trinkets because of his heritage
He seeks an inner balance, which is strongly influenced by his beliefs which stem from the Romani culture.

App (c) =chexuka
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superdjgirlanime Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Student Artist
rapha is very cool an is like de genderbender of my dear etany (titanhunters oc ) i really REALLY cool ;)
cardboard-box-c Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg, let me be your friend desu.
reincarnationz Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Oooh~ His tats are so cool! I really like the right shoulder~ The solar system? o u o??
XxxVisual-HatterxxX Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much!
The tattoo on his right shoulder is just an alignment of planets, it's not our solar system. It represents balance and order ovo
reincarnationz Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Ah~ I was so close~ Ehe~ > w <;;
And oo, icic~ o u o <33
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